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Solifetec Inc is a vision brought on by career healthcare professionals to develop tools and modalities that can enhance the healthcare experience for the user and provider alike. Our offerings eliminate the issues that plague the healthcare system of today and improve upon the following:

  • Increase Access Preventative Healthcare
  • ncrease Ability to Predict Imminent Healthcare Issues
  • Increase Ttimeliness of Healthcare Delivery
  • Increase Follow up Care
  • Decrease Healthcare Costs

We strive to provide state-of-the-art products and tools that are able to detect imminent healthcare events of patients and/or healthy individuals. The interplay between medical devices and technology allows us to supply the user’s instant access to healthcare providers, even from the comfort of their homes. Our devices make follow-up up easy and seamless and which provides better outcomes for the patients. Our mission is to connect the client and the provider at the earliest stage, make the connection seamless, and thereby, enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the entire healthcare system, cost effectively. Source of Life Technology

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We' re driven by our mission

We strive to offer solutions to help our customers improve their quality of life and healthcare experience by utilizing our innovative, state-of-art Technology.





Easy Vitals

Easy Vitals program allows physicians to monitor vital signs and manage their patients in their home by incorporating Bluetooth enabled medical devices with a highly intuitive and functional telemedicine application.


PaSeva simplifies and accelerates the scheduling of patient care appointments for health care agencies and provides a realtime instant communication system between the agency and the care team.

Mat of Life

Mat-Of-Life is a non-invasive device that protects susceptible elderly from falls. Its innovative technology sends instant notification to family members when they get up and if they do not return in the designated time.

Chat a Doc

Chat-A-Doc is a unique easy to use telemedicine platform which connects patients and doctors for virtual consultations anywhere, anytime.


USA Headquarter

1325 Avenues of the Americas Office 2707 New York, NY 10019

India Development Center

806, 2nd Floor, Bhisham Pitamah Marg Arjun Nagar, Opp Defence Colony Kotla Mubarkpur, New Delhi 110003